LP, the Larch Prover -- Distribution

To use LP, you need to retrieve two files from ftp.sds.mit.edu: These files are available both over the WWW and by anonymous ftp. To obtain them by anonymous ftp, type the following commands (with platform replaced by one of linux, solaris, or solaris-5_8). Then uncompress the files you obtained, for example, by typing gunzip *.gz.
csh>       ftp ftp.sds.lcs.mit.edu
Name:      anonymous
Password:  your_email_address
ftp>       cd pub/Larch/LP
ftp>       bin
ftp>       get lp-lib.tar.gz
ftp>       get lp-platform.gz
ftp>       quit
The source code for LP is also available in the file lp-code.tar.gz. LP is written in CLU, a language developed by Barbara Liskov at MIT in the 1970s to provide direct linquistic support for data abstraction. PCLU, a portable CLU compiler, is available from ftp.lcs.mit.edu:/pub/pclu. See also