The Migrate Internet Mobility Project

Migrate is a new end-to-end framework for Internet mobility being developed at MIT's Lab for Computer Science. By providing a unified framework to support address changes and disconnectivity, Migrate allows legacy applications to adapt to today's highly-mobile environment, and provides mobile-aware applications with a robust set of system primitives for disconnectivity support, resource conservation, and rapid re-instantiation of network connections. Unlike current Internet mobility solutions, Migrate treats disconnection as a fundamental component of mobility, and enables applications to gracefully reduce their resource consumption during periods of disconnection and rapidly resume sessions upon reconnection.

The Migrate system currently has two main components: a session layer that handles the vast majority of mobility issues, and a highly-efficient TCP extension that supports the rapid rebinding of endpoints for established TCP connections.

Migrate is an enabling technology for MIT's Project Oxygen, a lab-wide exploration into pervasive computing.

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