FWD: WORKSHOP AT ECOOP 93, Applications of Object-Oriented Formal Methods

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From:	US2RMC::"alan@computer-science.manchester.ac.uk" "Alan Wills"  2-APR-1993 22:03:14.18
Subj:	ecoop93 workshop


	 Applications of Object-Oriented Formal Methods

 Organizers:	John Hogg (Bell-Northern Research)
 		Alan Wills (Manchester University & Object Engineering)

 Who should attend: 
		Practitioners and researchers interested in the
		application of formal methods to object-oriented systems.

OOP improves the modularity of software products to such a
degree that re-use and flexibility are among its prime selling
points. The success of the sales pitch is reflected in the
plethora of methods of varying degrees of rigour that have been

Object-orientation provides both a strong motivation for applying
formal methods, and some hope for making them easier to apply.
Re-usable modules are not worthwhile if the re-user has to verify from
scratch their behaviour in a new context.  The modularity offered by
the OO approach is an attractive pill-sweetener in verification.

Even for the programmer for whom formal verification is not on the
agenda, formal examinations of OO development methods and languages
are likely to pay off in improved techniques and constructs.

At present, the application of formal methods to OO programming faces
a number of obstacles. Meanwhile, popular development methods remain
informal and leave to intuition the realisation of the best advantages
of OOP.

This workshop will focus on the application of formal methods as opposed to
formal methods as a mathematical discipline.  Topics of interest include
(but are not limited to)
 	* formal notations and languages
 	* formalisms whose rigour can be adapted to different development
 	* outstanding problems in the practical application of formal
 	  methods to OO development
 	* formalisation & formal appreciations of existing methodologies
	* graphical formalisms
 	* issues in the evolution of non-OO formalisms to OO (e.g., Z,, SDL)
	* ``evergreen'' designs: keeping formal specifications up to date
	  as systems of objects evolve
Reports of practical experience with formal or semi-formal methods are
especially encouraged.

 Time: <date to be determined>, 0900-1730
	(ECOOP 93 is at Kaiserslautern, July 26--30.
	 In previous years, workshops have been held in the first 
	 two days of the week.)

 How to apply: 

 Participants must register with the workshop organizers by June 4 and
 they are invited to submit a short position paper at the same time.
 Email submission in LaTeX or PostScript format is preferred.  If
 necessary, selection of participants will be made on the basis of
 position papers; notification will be given by June 21.  Accepted
 position papers will be distributed to all participants before the

 Contact:	John S. Hogg
 		Bell-Northern Research Ltd., P.O. Box 3511, Station C
 		Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 4H7


 		Alan Wills
 		Object Engineering
		24 Windsor Road
		Manchester M19 2EB

		+44 61-225 3240 		 

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