WWW and the Larch Handbook


The Larch Shared Language Handbook is coming to the World-Wide Web.

The word here is that a hypertext version of the LSL Handbook either is, or
will shortly be, a part of Digital's contribution.  Check it out and let me
know if it works from outside.  Try URL

When I just tried it from inside Digital, the .html files displayed
properly, but the .ps files were flagged as unavailable.  Someone will
probably fix this eventually, or remove the links.

Jim H.


Subject: Digital's WWW information server is now available
URL: http://gatekeeper.dec.com/archive/pub/DEC/DECinfo/html/home.html


Digital's product, service and performance information is now available
as part of the World-Wide Web (WWW).  Digital's WWW information server 
puts a friendly, hyperized face on the collection of documents Digital
maintains for customers and partners on gatekeeper.dec.com in the 
/pub/DEC/DECinfo directory structure.

Far more accessible than FTP, or even Gopher, the fast growing WWW and it's
collection of public domain browsers lets you access product, service and
performance information right from your desktop with anything from character-
cell to point-and-click, graphics browsers.

By making this information accessible via the World-Wide Web, Digital 
provides the back-end server support (with hyperlinking and an assortment
of indexing techniques.)  You select which WWW browser to use based 
operating system and windowing system preference.


Digital's WWW information server provides an easy-to-use mechanism to 
locate information -- by document categories, subject categories, a master 
index or simply a quick snap-shot of "What's New" over the last two weeks.


Extensive WAIS-based searching is available so that ad-hoc queries, that
span across the full product information archive, can be asked.  For 
example, searching on the term "DCE" identifies and scores references to 
DCE on DEC OSF/1 AXP, OpenVMS and ULTRIX that occur in SPD's, press 
releases and product articles.  It even turns up the reference to DCE in 
the OpenVMS to DEC OSF/1 AXP Migration Guide.


All of the 1993 back issues of our electronic UNIX newsletter and our 
education and research newsletter are hyperized, as are the current press 
releases, fact sheets and backgrounders.  From any particular issue of 
"DECnews for UNIX" you can look at the main issue with article abstracts, 
link to the full articles if you are interested, and, from there, link to 
any SPD referenced in a particular product article.

Future plans call for full hyperized access across between the SPD's and 
hyperized access to the Digital Technical Journal with diagrams and photo


>From Digital's WWW information server you can also get a good feel for 
the newsgroups and mailing lists that Digital customers utilize, including 
subscription information where appropriate.  Look for Digital to provide 
full archiving and WAIS-based indexing to these newsgroups and mailing lists 
in the near future.

Navigation access to the Alpha AXP demo systems is also provided.  If your
local environment supports telnet or rlogin, and your browser is configured 
correctly you should be to access these publicly accessible, online 
Alpha AXP evaluation systems directly

In addition to performance reports provided by Digital, the information 
server also points at other benchmarks results on the Internet that are
maintained by third-parties.  These benchmarks include the source code 
so you can run the benchmarks yourself.


Although a number of public domain browser either exist or are in development,
if you haven't seen the Mosaic suite of browser, you should definitely have 
a look.  Mosaic was created by Marc Adreesen at the National Center for 
Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) in Urbana-Champaign.  You can get the 
binaries at:

  ftp.ncsa.uiuc.edu: /Mosaic/xmosaic-binaries

For Digital's UNIX systems, ready-to-install binaries for ULTRIX/RISC and 
DEC OSF/1 AXP are also available at:

  gatekeeper.dec.com: /pub/net/infosys/mosaic/xmosaic-binaries 

To get an OpenVMS version of Mosaic, ftp to info.cern.ch and look at
/pub/www/README.XMOSAIC for directions.

If you do not have access to the a bit-mapped display and would just like
to try out the character-cell interface -- telnet to info.cern.ch.  There
is no password. You will be taken straight into CERN's public-access, 
character-cell browser.  To navigate to Digital's WWW information server:

  o  Select   3, "About WWW"
  o  Select  11, "W3 Servers"
  o  Select 104, Digital Equipment Corporation, "Product Information"

And finally, the URL for Digital's WWW information server is:


Questions and suggestions are gladly accepted at rjones@pa.dec.com.

Russ Jones
Coordinator, Internet Communications
Digital Equipment Corporation