Larch on the World Wide Web

Several sites are bringing up World Wide Web pages with material about
their Larch work.  There is now a "global" home page for Larch at MIT,
with URL


and a SRC Larch home page, with URL


and a CMU Larch home page, with URL


These pages contain links to each other and to a lot of other material
about Larch-related projects, papers, reports, tools, etc.  Over time, we'd
like to move the bulk of this material to the "global" home page, to
simplify the problem of maintenance.  So please be sure that all relevant
messages are copied to <larch-www@larch.lcs.mit.edu> (which I have added to
this mailing list).

I hope that all of you are exploring the riches of the WWW, using Mosaic or
your favorite Web browser, and that many of you are busy constructing pages
describing your own projects and interests.  If you create anything
Larch-related that you'd like to "advertise," just send us their URLs.


Jim H.