WWW Documentation for a course in Computer Systems Verification

I've only skimmed a couple of the pages, but it looks like a very
reasonable use of the Web to support a course.  If anyone does it for a
Larch course, please let us all know!  :-)

Jim H.

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   We were wondering if anyone is aware of any colleges/universities that
   are using www to implement large lectures or lectures of any size.

Here at BYU, Dr. Windley presented an entire class, Computer Systems
Verification (URL: http://lal.cs.byu.edu/cs501/homepage.html) on
Mosaic.  Each class he'd start up the projection system having Mosaic
in one window and the verification system in another.  No paper was
even handed out.  Also he did all the "handouts" for Concepts of
Programming Languages (URL: http://lal.cs.byu.edu/cs330/homepage.html)
in Mosaic.  Students can access policies, the syllabus, assignments,
lecture notes, helps, enrichment references, etc. via Mosaic.  I took
the first class and was a teaching assistant for the second class, and
they seemed to work well.

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