MS Thesis on formal object transformations using Larch

Mr. Horning,
I'm a MS student at the Air Force Institute of Technology and
my research area focuses on formalizing Rumbaugh's object oriented
analysis method using algebraic specifications, specifically Larch.
Presently, I'm building a compiler for Larch in the Refine 
environment.  Refine is a programming environment developed by
Reasoning Systems in Palo Alto, CA.  I wanted to know if
any other compiler work has been done with Larch and on what
environments?  Also, what parts of the Larch grammar were
implemented?  I have a core Larch grammar that includes
all the characteristics of the Larch language except the consequences.
Then, I developed a Larch extension grammar that includes the 
consequences.  Any information you may have or that you could point
me to would be helpful.  Also, are there any conferences that
deal with Larch specifically or have an emphasis on using
algebraic specifications to formalize object-oriented methods? 

Thank you.

Catherine Lin