Re: MS Thesis on formal object transformations using Larch


The largest repository of Larch tools (with documentation) is available for
anonymous FTP from MIT, specifically, node larch.lcs.mit.edu, directory
pub/Larch.  (Start with the README file.)  You will find there full
implementations of the Larch Shared Language and LCL (a Larch/C interface
language), LCLint (a tool for static analysis checking C code against
specifications), and LP (the Larch Prover).

If you have access to the World-Wide Web (e.g., through Mosaic or Lynx),
the Larch Home Page is at URL


There are also a couple of books that you might find helpful:

	title = 	"Larch: Languages and Tools for Formal Specification",
	author = 	"John V. Guttag and James J. Horning,
                         with S.J. Garland, K.D. Jones, A. Modet,
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Hope this is of use,

Jim H.