query on Larch

Hi.  I am in a research and technology organization within Boeing Computer
Services, and am looking into the use of formal software specification
languages.  I have read several papers on Larch, and browsed the new
book on Larch.  In an effort to better understand Larch, I am trying
to specify an application that was developed here at Boeing.  I have
an object oriented analysis model (based on the Schlaer-Mellor OOA
approach as implemented in Cadre's Teamwork) of that application.

Are there standard mappings to/from OO design and analysis models
and specifications written in Larch?  What is the proper relationship
between a specification written in Larch and these types of OOA models?
At first, I had thought that the OOA models would be further upstream
in the software lifecycle.  Now, OOA models seem on a par with Larch
interface specifications, with LSL representations further upstream
(seeming more abstract than the other two).

I assume you are familiar with efforts to add "object-oriented"
features to Z and VDM (eg., Object-Z, Z++, VDM++, etc.).   Has
there been any similar efforts to add OO features to LSL?

I hope these questions are reasonable and that you don't me asking.
I had gotten your name and address from a friend and colleague that
works for Digital in Nashua NH (Scott Gordon).  Thanks for your time!

	Keith Williamson