OOA and Larch LSL specifications

I'm a master's student at the Air Force Insitute of Technology (AFIT)
working on developing a Larch framework for object-oriented
analysis models (specifically Rumbaugh's Object Modeling Technique).
I've developed three transformation processes that take OMT
object, dynamic, and functional models and map them into LSL
traits.  Presently, I do not have a transformation mechanism that
translates state transition tables into an LSL specification.  

Once the domain models are represented as Larch traits, I can
parse the traits using a Larch parser that I developed in
an environment called Software Refinery.  The parsed traits
are stored as abstract syntax trees (ASTs) in Refine's
object base.  I can query the object base and build an
executable application from the formal specifications.
Currently, I am generating an executable shell for the formal
specifications.  Extending this shell into a complete program is
the next step.  

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at
clin@afit.af.mil.  My advisor for this research effort
is Maj Paul Bailor.  

Cathy Lin