I have recently joined the Larch Interest mailing list. Jim Horning
suggested that I introduce myself.

I'm a software engineer who has a strong interest in formal methods. 
However I'm currently working in consulting and not actually actively
using them.

The two formal methods I've used most are VDM and B, some Z and I've
looked at Larch. I've been quite attracted to Larch because of the two
tier approach which I think is really very nice and the practical bias
that appears to be in the method's construction. I've never had the
opportunity (yet!) to apply Larch to a real problem. The main thing I
don't like about Larch is that it is a property based approach (algebraic
specification) and in my experience people are quite resistant to this
approach because they find it more difficult to understand than a model
based approach.

My current interest in Larch is as background material for my MSc thesis
which is a case study of the development of a sofware subsystem using
VDM and B. Larch is one of the "related work" areas I am reporting on and
contrasting with. When I come to write these sections, I'll probably be
back to ask questions!

Best wishes,

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