Re: Control object in Larch/C


I'm getting complaints from the repetition of this message (I myself have
received five copies of it so far).  The problem seems to be that some
mailer along the path to SRC keeps repeating it, with new Message-Id:
values, but the same content.  Looking at the headers, it seems that
njgate.chek.com is looping in its transmission to uu3.psi.com.

Would you see if there is anything you can do from your end to shut it off?

Since the messages are coming in with new ids, I don't see what can be done
at our site, short of rejecting all messages (or all from your site, or
something similar) which seems pretty drastic.

Other Larchers,

Please bear with us until we can get this straightened out.  No one is
doing this to you intentionally...

Jim H.