Info on Spec Languages


I think you answered this question a few weeks ago when I requested to be on
the larch-interest mailing list, but I must have nuked the note you sent me.
Here I go again.

I am looking for documentation, tools, examples for Larch and other
specification languages.  I think there was a reference to how to retrieve such
info using anonymous ftp.  Could you or any of the other larchers send me some
pointers to ftp sites?


BTW:  Our group works on machine control of high-volume printers and copiers
(both digital and light lens) and we are sometimes struggling with how to best
represent the requirements and specs for the software.  The language we
currently use is SEQUEL (a propriatary Xerox language based on MESA, which is
VERY similar to Ada).  We are moving to using C++ in the future.