Re: library of specifications


Try the Larch Home Page, URL http://larch-www.lcs.mit.edu:8001/larch/
and look at the entries for the Larch Shared Language Handbook.

For hardcopy, try

	title = 	"Larch: Languages and Tools for Formal Specification",
	author = 	"John V. Guttag and James J. Horning,
                         with S.J. Garland, K.D. Jones, A. Modet,
                         and J. M. Wing",
	year = 		1993,
	publisher = 	"Springer-Verlag",
	series = 	"Texts and Monographs in Computer Science",
	note = 		"{ISBN 0-387-94006-5/ISBN 3-540-94006-5}"

Jim H.