New member of mailing-list

My name is Mitch Cherniack and I am a Ph.D. student at
Brown working under the supervision of Stan Zdonik.

I have been using Larch to specify the semantics of AQUA: a
query algebra for object-oriented databases developed here
at Brown.  I also have used LP to prove the validity of 
numerous (about 150 so far) query transformations.

I am interested in this mailing-list because:

 * I'd like to find out what others are using Larch for

 * I'm curious as to how others have been able to specify
   higher-order operations.  AQUA has a number of operations
   that take functions or predicates as arguments.  These functions can
   be any arbitrary lambda expressions including those that
   invoke other AQUA operators.  I have managed to 
   capture this by treating functions as objects, but I'd be
   curious to see what others have done.

 * Finally, I would like to know if anybody has specified
   the lambda calculus or a reasonable (even first-order)
   sublanguage.  I decided in the end against doing this - namely
   because of the difficulty I had specifying abstraction
   and reduction.  Instead I made the AQUA sublanguage for 
   defining functions a variation of FP and specified this. 
Comments and reports of similar experiences would be most welcome.

- Mitch