Is there a way of better managing larch-interest?

I apologize in advance for adding to traffic by sending a message about
traffic, rather than about Larch.  But I suspect that Paul is not the only
person on the list with this concern.

Please send your comments directly to me; I will summarize to the list.


Jim H.

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From: Paul Grabow <Paul_Grabow@BAYLOR.EDU>
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 1995 12:49:20 -0600
To: James Horning <horning@src.dec.com>
Subject: re- Larch special interest

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Is there a way of better managing the information flow for
larch-interest@src.dec.com? Lately there have been more messages "than
normal" and my inbox is becoming cluttered.

I don't wish to withdraw from the interest group because I use Larch in a
class that I teach. Also, I have interest in Larch/C++ with respect to an
ongoing research project. But the format of the current forum is distracting.
Is there a comparable News group?

Thanks. I appreciate what you have done to organize things -- and I do
appreciate the Larch book/tools.

Paul Grabow, Ph.D.
Computer Science
Baylor University

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From: horning
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 95 11:21:54 -0800
To: Paul Grabow <Paul_Grabow@BAYLOR.EDU>
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Yes, there has been an unusual amount of traffic in the new year.  I'm not
sure yet whether this represents a trend or a statistical aberration.
Prior to that, traffic had been so low that I encouraged new additions to
send a message indicating the nature of their interest or specific
questions they might have.  I will suspend this practice, at least until
traffic drops off.

As for a better way to manage the information flow, I am open to proposals.
Since the software I am using provides a uniform interface to e-mail and
news groups, I tend to forget that some people have better tools for
handling one than the other.

It is my understanding that launching a new newsgroup is a relatively
heavyweight process, involving posting a proposal, getting comments,
conducting a ballot, etc., and I have been reluctant to invest this time,
as long as the mailing list was working "well enough."

The other thing about newsgroups is that it is much easier for people to
discover them and "join the group."  Increased readership, of course,
should help to "spread the word" about Larch, which is good.  Increased
writership, on the other hand, will surely increase the traffic, and might
reduce the signal/noise ratio, which is pretty low on most of the
newsgroups I follow.

The other possibility, which I will probably explore sooner, is to
establish a WWW page giving access to an archive of larch-interest
messages.  This is a lighter-weight process, but there are things I would
have to learn first.

What do you suggest?

Jim H.

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