Status of larch newsgroup

This is just a brief update on the status of the larch newsgroup proposal, for
those of you who worry about such things.

I posted a formal RFD a few weeks ago, which Jim forwarded to this list.
This was based on the informal straw poll I took, which had numerous people
in favor of the newsgroup, and only one opposed (sorry; you can't please
all the people all the time).  

I've submitted the request to run the vote to the UVV (the group of people
who run independent newsgroup votes), and we're now waiting to bubble to
the top of their queue (they have a fair bit of backlog).  When that happens,
one of their volunteers (i.e. not me) will send out the formal Call For Votes,
both to the comp.specification.* newsgroups and to this mailing list.  At 
that time, it will be appropriate for folks to submit their formal votes by
following the specific directions in the CFV.  I hope that this will happen
within the next couple of weeks.

The straw poll that I took won't count; you'll have to vote again.  I
thank everyone who responded to me, for showing that it's worth going
to this effort.

Because of the requirement that there be 100 more Yes votes than No votes,
I encourage everyone to participate (even if you're the sort who usually
sits on the sidelines).  I'll send out a reminder to this effect after the
CFV goes out.

Many thanks,