CU-DCS-TR-95-04: Shortcomings of LCL 2.4

Below is the abstract of a newly available TR.  It can be obtained
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			   Shortcomings of LCL 2.4

				  P. Chalin


        Critical assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of a language
        are essential for its evolution. In this paper we present some of
        the more significant shortcomings of LCL 2.4, a Larch/C
        specification language used to document the interfaces of program
        components written in ISO C. We illustrate inadequacies in the
        definition and insufficiencies in the expressiveness of LCL by
        means of examples that cover dependencies between objects,
        implicit parameter constraints, the meaning of function
        specifications, and the trashed operator. We also demonstrate
        inconsistencies in the language definition. This paper focuses on
        shortcomings that can be understood without detailed knowledge of
        the semantics of LCL.

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