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From: edwards@fettuccine.cis.ohio-state.edu (stephen edwards)
Date: 04 May 1995 15:06:29 GMT
Subject: CFP: 4th Intl. Conference on Software Reuse
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    |        Fourth International Conference on Software Reuse          |
    |                         Call for Papers                           |
    |                                                                   |
    |              Sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society               |
    |             With cooperation (pending) from the ACM               |
    |      April 23-26, 1996                Orlando, Florida, USA       |

    This is the first time this premier international conference on
    software reuse is being held in the United States.  The conference
    will bring together researchers and practitioners to make reuse
    ``business as usual'' in software development and management.  It will
    address key technical and non-technical issues in software reuse.  A
    major goal of the conference is to facilitate cross-fertilization
    between the reuse community and the formal methods, object-oriented,
    software architecture, and software engineering communities.

    ---------------------------------    ------------------------------
        Featured Keynote Speakers:              Important Dates:
    ---------------------------------    ------------------------------
               Barry Boehm               Submissions:     Sept. 4, 1995
    Univ. of Southern California, USA    Acceptance:      Nov. 20, 1995
                                         Camera-Ready Due: Jan. 1, 1996
              Joseph Goguen              ------------------------------
           Univ. of Oxford, UK          

            Bjarne Stroustrup       
           AT&T Bell Labs, USA      

    For papers, tutorials, and panel proposals, the topics of interest
    include, but are not limited to:

 * Case studies and experiments     * Object-oriented issues
 * Domain analysis and engineering  * Organizational planning and motivation
 * Disciplines for component design * Patterns for software design
     and composition                * Process-related aspects of reuse
 * Formal methods                   * Re-engineering and reverse engineering
 * Frameworks and models for reuse  * Reuse education and training
 * Generators and transformers      * Reuse libraries
 * Integration frameworks           * Reuse of software engineering artifacts
 * Language design issues           * Software architecture
 * Legal and managerial issues      * Technology transfer
 * Metrics

    Instructions to Authors:
    Deadlines are listed above under ``Important Dates.''  Papers
    should be original and not under consideration for publication
    elsewhere.  Authors should clearly explain the contribution of the
    work in terms of its theoretical and/or practical value and relate
    it to previous work.  Submissions must be full papers no longer
    than 5000 words (excluding references).  Each submission must
    include an abstract and a list of key words.  Identifying
    information must be on a separate page, if the authors request an
    anonymous review.  Panel proposals should include a short
    statement, the name of the moderator and a list of panelists.  For
    each panelist, it must be stated whether prior consent has been
    obtained.  All submissions must be in English.  Accepted papers
    and panel positions will appear in the conference proceedings
    published by the IEEE Computer Society Press.

    The conference will also host demonstrations of software reuse
    technology.  Commercial products and research prototypes are
    welcome.  For tutorial proposal instructions or other information,
    visit our Web site at the following URL:


    For completed papers or panel proposals, send six hard copies to:

                     Program Chair:
                     Prof. Murali Sitaraman
                     Statistics and Comp. Science
                     West Virginia University
                     106 Knapp Hall, PO Box 6330
                     Morgantown, WV 26506--6330
                     Phone: (304) 293--3607
                     Fax: (304) 293--2272
                     e-mail: icsr4@cs.wvu.edu

    Tutorial proposals should be   |  For reuse technology demonstra-
    no more than 3 pages.  Send    |  tions, please contact the
    six hard copies to:            |  exhibits chair by the submission
                                   |  deadline: 
    Tutorial Chair:                |  Exhibits Chair:
    Dr. Jeffrey S. Poulin          |  Dr. Ronnie Thomson
    Loral Federal Systems--Owego   |  Cadre Technologies
    MD 0210                        |  222 Richmond Street
    Owego, NY 13827                |  Providence, RI  02903
    USA                            |  USA
    Phone: (607) 751--6899         |  Phone: (401) 351--5950,
    Fax: (607) 751--6025           |         ext. 344
    e-mail: poulinj@lfs.loral.com  |  e-mail: rthom@cadre.com

                          Conference Committee:
    Conference Chairs:
        Will Tracz  (Loral Federal Systems -- Owego, USA)
        Charles W. Lillie  (Sci. Applications Int. Corp., USA)
    Program Chair:
        Murali Sitaraman  (West Virginia University, USA)
    Asian Chair:
        Masao Matsumoto  (NEC Corporation, Japan)
    European Chair:
        John Favaro  (Intecs Sistemi, Italy)
    South American Chair:
        Julio Leite  (Catholic University, Brazil)
    Tutorials Chair:
        Jeffrey Poulin  (Loral Federal Systems -- Owego, USA)
    Corporate Support Chair:
        Voytek Kozaczynski  (Anderson Consulting, USA)
    Exhibitions/Demos Chair:
        Ronnie Thomson  (Cadre Technologies, Inc., USA)
    Local Arrangements Chair:
        Will Tracz  (Loral Federal Systems -- Owego, USA)
    Finance Chair:
        Ernesto Guerrieri  (Digital Equipment Corp., USA)
    Proceedings Chair:
        Larry Latour  (University of Maine, USA)
    Publicity Chairs:
        Stephen Edwards  (The Ohio State University, USA)
        Frances Paulisch  (Siemens AG, Germany)
    Registrations Chair:
        Steven Fraser  (Bell Northern, Canada)

                             Program Committee:
    Advisory Sub-Committee:| 
    D. Batory (USA)        | R. Duke (Australia)    H-J. Kugler (Spain)
    T. Biggerstaff (USA)   | D. Eichmann (USA)      F. Kumeno (Japan)
    P. Devanbu (USA)       | D. Garlan (USA)        D. Lea (USA)
    W. Frakes (USA)        | H. Gomaa (USA)         G. Leavens (USA)
    R. Prieto-Diaz (USA)   | M. Griss (USA)         C. Lucena (Brazil)
    -----------------------/ J. Horning (USA)       A. von Mayrhauser (USA)
                             S. Isoda (Japan)       W. McKeeman (USA)
    B. Anderson (UK)         K. Itoh (Japan)        M. de Michele (Italy)
    J. Arthur (USA)          D. Jackson (USA)       D. Poo (Singapore)
    D. Barstow (USA)         I. Jacobson (Sweden)   W. Scacchi (USA)
    I. Baxter (USA)          M. Jazayeri (Austria)  W. Scherlis (USA)
    B. Cheng (USA)           K. Kang (Korea)        B. Weide (USA)
    R. Crespo (Portugal)     J. Kramer (UK)         M. Wirsing (Germany)

Stephen Edwards                                        OSU/CIS, 395 Dreese Lab
e-mail      : edwards@cis.ohio-state.edu    U.S. mail: 2015 Neil Avenue
office phone: (614)-292-5841			       Columbus, OH  43210-1277

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