Re: Newbie Q's

> Howdy, I have some beginner questions about LP.
> 1. Can I change the rubout character?

     Not easily.  LP is written in CLU, and LP's line editing features are
provided by the CLU runtime environment.  This environment hardwires the delete
key as the rubout character.

> 2. I have a shared library warning. Is source available?
> ld.so.1: /usr/home/shaw/larch/larchp: warning: /usr/4lib/libc.so.1.8 has older revision than expected 9

     Source code is available in the anonymous ftp directory on
larch.lcs.mit.edu.  To compile it, you also need to obtain the PCLU
distribution for your machine.  I will ask the PCLU maintainer to bring the
anonymous ftp distribution of PCLU available on lcs.mit.edu up to date.

> 3. I can't get right arrow to work when entering equations. If I use "->",
>    I get the message that the equation needs to be Bool-valued, if I use
>    "-->", I get an undeclared 2-ary op.

     Using the symbols "==" and "->" to enter equations was legal in Release
2.4 and in earlier releases, but is no longer legal in Release 3.1, which
simply attempts to preserve the user-entered orientation of equations when
converting them into rewrite rules. 

     In earlier releases of LP, "==" and "->" could only be entered as the
primary connective in an axiom.  These releases often reversed the orientation
of equations such as "t = s" obtained when axioms such as
     if b then t = s else t = w
were normalized (e.g., using the rewrite rule "b -> true").  The new release
preserves the orientation of "t = s" as long as it is consistent with the
current registry.

> 4. Is the html in the distribution the most current documentation? I'm also
>    using that DEC report #82...

     Yes.  It supersedes DEC Report #82, which described Release 2.2.