Re: LSL boolean combinations involving undefined terms

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    horning> Gary, This is an area that most people find murky some of
    horning> the time, and some people find murky most of the time.

    horning> ...
    horning> Jim H.

    horning> PS One of the tightest corners for the total function
    horning> interpretation is division by zero.  You have to make
    horning> sure that your generated by clause produces at least one
    horning> value in the equivalence class of 1/0, something that is
    horning> easy to overlook.  Without it, you can prove by induction
    horning> all the "paradoxes" involving "hidden" divisions by zero
    horning> that we learned in high school.  With it, of course, all
    horning> your inductions get an extra, sometimes messy, case.

I recently published a short note on this topic in Information
Processing Letters. It would be interesting to know what Larch folk
think about my comments. (Please e-mail - I'mm about to be away from
News for 10 days)


        author   = "C.B. Jones",
        title    = "Partial functions and logics: A warning",
        journal  = ipl,
        volume   = 54, 
        number   = 2, 
        pages    = "65--67", 
        year     = 1995

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