FWD: CFP for Formal Methods Workshop, ICSE '96 Berlin

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From: Doug Smith <smith>
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 1995 22:48:32 GMT
Subject: CFP for Formal Methods Workshop, ICSE '96 Berlin
Newsgroups: comp.specification.misc


          FORMAL METHODS: Theory, Tools, and Applications

A two day workshop held in conjunction with the 18th International
Conference on Software Engineering
                          Berlin, Germany
		          25-26 March 1996

After more than twenty years of research, formal methods are beginning
to be used in industrial software development.  Formal methods offer
the possibility to give machine support for requirement analysis,
formal specification, design, transformation, validation, and
verification of complex software systems, resulting in greater
assurance that customer requirements are met.  Despite theoretical
progress and numerous case studies and pilot projects, adoption of
formal methods by organizations has been slow, partly due to concerns
about their cost, lack of tool support, and the skills required for
their application.

The purpose of this workshop is to make a realistic assessment of the
extent to which formal methods can improve the process of specifying,
constructing, analyzing, and evolving complex software systems.
The workshop will bring together experts in formal methods technology
and the early innovators in industry who have adopted formal methods.


Position papers are invited. They should include a short abstract, a
list of descriptive keywords and should address relevant topics, such
as those listed below. Submission must not be longer than 4000 words
including figures and references. Accepted papers will be distributed
to the workshop participants at the meeting. Some of the submission
papers may also be selected for later publication along with several
invited papers, in a volume which will appear after the meeting. The
goal of the workshop is to have dicussions, however, and not paper

Five copies of position papers should be sent by 1 October 1995 to

Douglas R. Smith 
Kestrel Institute 
3260 Hillview Avenue 
Palo Alto, California 94304 
email: smith@kestrel.edu 

                      TOPICS OF INTEREST (not limited to:)

- Integration of formal methods in existing development models and methods.
- Process models for correct software development.
- Application of formal methods for re-use and re-engineering.
- Actual running software systems developed with the help of formal methods.
- Experiences with formal methods in development projects.
- Application areas suited for formal methods.
- Comparison of the suitability of different formal approaches in practice
- Costs of formal specification, verification, clean-room development and
- Tool support for formal methods application.
- New software development techniques based on formal methods.

                                IMPORTANT DATES

Positions paper submission deadline:	1 October 1995
Notification of acceptance:		15 December 1995
Final version of position papers due:	1 February 1996

                           ORGANIZING COMMITTEE CHAIR

Douglas R. Smith 
Kestrel Institute 
3260 Hillview Avenue 
Palo Alto, California 94304 USA

                              ORGANIZING COMMITTEE

Egidio Astesiano, University of Genoa
John Fitzgerald, University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Kokichi Futatsugi, Japan Advanced Institute of Science & Tech.
Mike Hinchey, New Jersey Institute of Technology
              and University of Limerick
Peter Pepper, Technical University of Berlin

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