New Release of Larch/C++ (3.5)

The latest release of Larch/C++, which incorporates a symbol table
into the parser, is now available.  This release also incorporates
a refined model of states, which allows you to more accurately specify
functions that take pointers and references as arguments.
There are also several other improvements to previous versions.
(Unfortunately, the DOS version of the parser is currently broken.
I hope to make that available eventually too.)

You get it by anonymous ftp to ftp.cs.iastate.edu in directory pub/larchc++.
The current release file is LCPP.3.5.tar.gz.  This uses gnu zip compression;
see the README file for details of how to gunzip and install it. Or use the
to see the latest manual and to retrieve the release.

	Gary Leavens

	229 Atanasoff Hall, Department of Computer Science
	Iowa State Univ., Ames, Iowa 50011-1040 USA / leavens@cs.iastate.edu
	phone: (515)294-1580 fax: (515)294-0258 ftp site: ftp.cs.iastate.edu
	URL: http://www.cs.iastate.edu/~leavens/homepage.html