Re: Specifying the Reals in LSL?

"Stephen J. Garland" <garland> writes:

>     In classical first-order logic, there is no finite axiomatization of the
>theory of the reals: it takes infinitely many axioms to express the fact that a
>field has characteristic zero, and it takes infinitely many to express the fact
>that every polynomial of odd degree has a root.  However, because the
>generated-by construct in LSL is equivalent to an infinite set of formulas, it
>is possible to provide a finite axiomatization in LSL, as described above.

Thanks for all that and your answers.

I'm sorry our posts crossed, but I do think that the syntax would be
less confusing if you didn't require quantified variables to be
declared outside the scope of the equation in which they appear
in LSL.


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