Re: Polynomial specifications

Thanks to Pierre for his suggestions on the real number traits.

lescanne@loria.fr (Pierre Lescanne) writes:

>I think it is important to make a clear distinctions between
>"Polynomials" that are no more than a sequence of coefficients and
>"Polynomial Functions" that are interpretations of a polynomial in a
>field or a ring over this field.  Let me illustrated that by two

> ...

This is a reasonable distinction.
However, isn't that captured by having the two sorts:
Coeffs[C] in the trait polynomial, and Poly[C] in the trait Polynomial_basics?
It seems to me that a Coeffs[C] value is "no more than a sequence of
coefficients".  It also seems to me that a Poly[C] value in the trait
Polynomial_basics, while not itself the interpretation of a polynomial,
has an operator, evaluate, which captures that idea.

Perhaps you mean that I haven't maintained a clear distinction because
the trait Polynomial gives the capabilites of each to the other?

Or maybe you are suggesting that I move the evaluate operator
and the "partitioned by" clause out of Polynomial_basics and into Polynomial
(or some other trait)?

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