Re: ANSI Standards for formal description techniques


International standardization is a very heavyweight process, typically not
considered worthwhile until there is an imminent danger of conflicting de
facto standards.

My view is that we don't yet have enough experience with Larch to want to
inhibit innovation by attempting standardization.  As Tony Hoare once said:
The only things that should be standardized are those where being different
is worse than being wrong.  We can standardize screw threads and film
speeds because we know enough to know what choices can safely be made

There is a lot more experience for the VDM-SL and Z committees to draw on
than we have with Larch.  We should keep standardization in mind for the
future, however; it will be good to have their experience to draw on.

Jim H.

PS I once saw a copy of the American National Standard for a Dry Martini.
It filled two pages.