Re: Larch for Linux

>From njgate.chek.com!DOUG_MAKOFKA_at_CHEK-NJ-PC@chek.com 

>      Has anyone ported the Larch tool suite to Linux?

LSL 3.1 beta 2 compiled as was under Linux and appears to run normally
as far as I can tell.  I haven't tried the beta 3 that recently appeared
at the MIT ftp site.

LCLint 1.2 has some problems with memory access.  I've managed to kludge
round most of these at the cost of introducing some leaks but I'm
currently stuck trying to figure out why the LSL symbol table sometimes
gets trashed.  I intend to send some patches and binaries to David
Evans when I get this sorted out (If I can't sort it out in the next few
days I'll probably do this with what I have anyway).

The prover is more of a problem since it appears to be written in CLU
and I don't know of a Linux CLU system.  If one exists, I suspect that
lp would compile pretty much as is.

	Chris Flatters