Re: Larch for Linux

Chris Flatters <cflatter@aoc.nrao.edu> writes:-

> The prover is more of a problem since it appears to be written in CLU
> and I don't know of a Linux CLU system.  If one exists, I suspect that
> lp would compile pretty much as is.

There is a "portable CLU system" at mintaka.lcs.mit.edu:/pub/dcurtis/
[Or email dcurtis@lcs.mit.edu ?]

I suspect that the difficulty is to port the "conservative C garbage
collector" first. (Code and instructions with the CLU code.)
Maybe someone on the comp.os.linux.{misc,help} news groups has already
ported the garbage collector (and/or CLU).

There is also a clu-to-c system at ftp.is.titech.ac.jp:/pub/clu2c
but I think this uses the same C garbage collector. [Email:

  Steve Tracey.