Re: Larch for Linux

Steve Tracey wrote:
> > The prover is more of a problem since it appears to be written in CLU
> > and I don't know of a Linux CLU system.  If one exists, I suspect that
> > lp would compile pretty much as is.
> There is a "portable CLU system" at mintaka.lcs.mit.edu:/pub/dcurtis/

I think, it's better to use lcs.mit.edu:/pub/pclu

European folks might want to use the mirror

Btw, the whole Larch software is available from there as well. (In
.../languages/larch/.) Mirrored weekly.

> I suspect that the difficulty is to port the "conservative C garbage
> collector" first.

As far as I know, the Boehm collector supports Linux. (At least, the
README says so.)


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