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From: nico@dutian.twi.tudelft.nl (Nico Plat)
Date: Thu, 3 Nov 1994 15:37:05 GMT
Subject: Formal Methods Applications database
Newsgroups: comp.specification


An argument that we often hear with respect to formal methods is that they are
not, or seldomly, used for `real world' applications, even though many of us
know that this is not true. At the same time, it is true that much of the
experience gained through the industrial application of formal methods is not
available to the outside world. That is a pity, considering the fact that such
experience can be very useful in avoiding the pitfalls one may encounter when
starting to use formal methods in a `serious' way. It is with this thought in
the back of their heads that a group of people active in FME (Formal Methods
Europe) have come up with the idea to start a database with examples of
applications of formal methods, accessible through ftp and WWW on a public
site. The intention of the database is to give concise descriptions of -
either successful or unsuccessful - application of formal methods/specification
languages that will allow users to assess:
- whether or not formal methods/specification languages are being used for
  large, industrial applications;
- what the difficulties/advantages are of applying formal methods/specification
  languages on a larger scale;
- for which application domains formal methods/specification languages are
  being  used and which formal methods/specification languages are actually
  being used.

If you know of any applications of formal methods/specification languages worth
considering for inclusion in the database (i.e. you have been involved yourself
or you know someone who was involved with such an application) then it would
be appreciated if you would fill in the form below and send it to the contact


Name of the application:
	<Name of the application or a one-line description of it.>
Developed by organisation/consortium:
	<Main organisation(s) involved with the development of the
Formal method/specification language used:
	<Self explanatory.>
Tools used:
	<Name of the tool used (if any).>
	<A short characterisation of the application domain in which the
	 formal method/specification language has been applied, e.g.
         "medical systems", "railway systems" or "Air-traffic control (ATC)
	<Period in time during which the application has been or will be
	 developed. We think this is relevant information because as time
	 passes, the time during which something has been developed can
	 be used as an indication of the state of the art that has been
	<A rough indication of the "size" of the application, in terms of
	 lines of specification/source code of the implementation or in terms
	 of human resources, i.e. the number of man-years involved.>
Short description:
	<A short (maximum 15 lines) description of the application and the
	 way formal methods/specification languages were applied on the
         application, e.g. did you apply formal proofs? Which mode
	 of working did you use, i.e. separate specification teams/
	 implementation teams, did you consult a formal method "guru", did you
	 use formal methods/specification languages in conjunction with other
         software engineering techniques (e.g. Yourdon). Etc.>
	<Any (subjective) observations on the application of formal methods/
	 specification languages for your application. Do you feel that
         application of formal methods/specification languages for the case
         you describe was successful? If so/not, why/not? Etc.>
Relevant publications:
	<Adequate references to relevant publications, if any.>
	<Name + address details (snail mail, phone, fax, e-mail) of a
	 contact person who may be approached if a person wants to have more
	 information about a case. Fill in "unavailable" if you do not want
	 to or can not be contacted for further information.
Further remarks:
	<Any further remarks which you think may be relevant.>


Please note that an electronic copy of the form can be obtained by sending an
e-mail message containing only the line:

	send vdm-forum fm-appl-db-form.txt

to mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk, and the form will be send back to you.
Alternatively, you can pick it up on WWW at URL:


or by anonymous ftp from:

	ftp.ifad.dk ( (directory pub/vdm)

Please send your contributions to (e-mail preferred):

	Nico Plat
	Cap Volmac
	Dolderseweg 2
	3712 BP Huis ter Heide
	The Netherlands

	Fax: +31-3404-31174
	E-mail: Nico.Plat@ACM.org

using the format above.


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