``imports'' clause


my name is Wilma Penzo and I am a Ph.D. student at the
University of Bologna. My topics of interest deal with
formal methods in software engineering and I am very
interested in the use of Larch as a specification language.

At present I am involved in the specification of a simple
case study and the use of the LCLint tool is giving me
some problems.

In particular, I'd have a question about the use of the 
``imports'' clause in the description of LCL modules.
With reference to the book ``Larch: languages and tools for
formal specification'' - Guttag - Horning, ``imports'' is
used with the aim of allowing the access to constants, types
and functions previously defined in the ``imported'' module.
Unfortunately no explicit example is made about a possible
reuse of functions and I can not understand why LCLint
does not pass the check for modules like the following 
(which are simplified so as to be clearer):

# BirthdayBook.lcl

immutable type NAME;
immutable type DATE;

mutable type BDB;

uses BirthdayBook;

void Addbirthday(BDB bdb, NAME n, DATE d) {
  modifies bdb;
  ensures bdb'.k = addName(n, bdb^.k) /\
          bdb'.b = addBirthday(bdb^.b, n , d);

# Error_Messages.lcl

immutable type REP;

uses RepBirth;

REP Success() {
  ensures result = Okay;

REP AlreadyKnown() {
  ensures result = Already_Known;

# Complete_BDB.lcl

imports BirthdayBook;
imports Error_Messages;

REP RAddbirthday(BDB bdb, NAME n, DATE d) {

  modifies bdb;
  ensures if \not(n \in bdb^.k) then (Addbirthday(bdb, n, d) /\
                                     result = Success)
                                else result = AlreadyKnown;

The corresponding LCLint output message is:

LCLint 1.4 --- Thu Sep 29 14:37:28 EDT 1994

Complete_BDB.lcl:8,47: Unrecognized identifier (constant, variable or operator):
Complete_BDB.lcl:9,47: Unrecognized identifier (constant, variable or operator):
Complete_BDB.lcl:7,39: Undeclared operator: Addbirthday
Finished LCLint checking --- 3 spec errors found / no code processed

It seems as if the specified operators have not been exported in the
right way. Nevertheless, the .lcs and .lh files are produced.

Does anyone know why the tool behaves in this way? 
Where could have been possible mistakes? 
Is there a special option to be considered while the lclint program
is called?

Thanks in advance.


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