Sharing more LSL: a repository of useful traits?

	Would the maintainers of the "global home page for Larch"
be willing to set up a repository (accessible through ftp and the WWW)
for sharing LSL traits?  My idea for this would be for someone to maintain
a bunch of traits that are not in the handbook, but which are nevertheless
potentially useful.  If they are not, I would be willing to start such
a repository (and ask for a pointer in the "global home page for Larch").
However, another postition would be that all "generally useful" traits
should be added to the Handbook.  Comments?

	An example of the kind of thing that might go in such a repository
would be a trait modeling calendar dates (how many days in a month in year X,
etc.).  (I've written such a thing, but it seems silly to just hold on to it.)
Of course the author of a trait would be responsible for maintaining it,
and should be labelled in the file.

	Slightly more abmitious, but something that would increase the utility
of such a collection, would be some mechanism for getting
feedback to the authors of the submitted traits.  Perhaps trait writers could
offer traits to a mailing list for feedback before having them placed
in the repository.  (Assuming that the repository is a good idea,
you might want to consider whether you'd be willing to review such traits.)

	Another aspect to this idea is that
there should also be some provision for making accessible collections
of traits that people want to share that are domain specific,
such as traits for domains such as:
	interface specification languages for imperative programming langs,
	civil engineering,
I think that the maintainers of the "global home page for Larch"
should offer to maintain pointers (URLs) to such collections,
in the "global home page for Larch".
These domain specific domain collections of LSL traits would be
maintained by others (who would presumably have the necessary
domain knowledge).