Re: Sharing more LSL: a repository of useful traits?


I'm very much in favor of sharing more LSL.  From the outset, we have
advocated the development of multiple LSL handbooks.  That's why the
articles and the book carefully said "An LSL Handbook" not "The LSL

    Writing this caused me to check the SRC Larch Home Page, and I notice
    that I used "The" at least three times.  I'll fix it.

I am much more dubious about maintaining a single "official" or "blessed"
Handbook.  I think that people who develop useful collections of traits
should announce them to larch-interest@src.dec.com and/or
comp.specification.  I will plan to incorporate pointers to their Web pages
in the SRC Larch Home Page, and I imagine John and Steve will be happy to
do the same in the Global Larch Home Page at MIT.

I think that the larch-interest mailing list is a good place to provide
feedback on published traits.  If the traffic becomes too heavy, we might
want to split off a separate list just for that, but let's not burn that
bridge before we come to it.  Ditto for providing a hierarchical
organization for the domain-specific handbooks.

Thanks for raising this issue, and I look forward to seeing your calendar
trait soon.

Jim H.

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