Polynomial specifications in LSL

It took a while, but I finally understood what
Pierre Lescanne's objections were to the polynomial
traits I posted earlier were.
With his help, I have finished what seems to be a
more mathematically justified version of these traits,
and the real numbers.  It's interesting how the polynomials
are specified, using coefficient lists as an auxiliary data structure.
As Pierre described, I separated out the notion of a polynomial
function from the idea of polynomials.

I've made the traits and documentation available by ftp and the WWW,
along with two other small handbooks of traits.
To see them, point your browser at...


I'd be glad to add other LSL handbooks you may have to this page
if you want to advertise them.
(Note that I've moved my calendar trait handbook in location

You can obtain the polynomial stuff by ftp to
ftp.cs.iastate.edu in directory pub/larch/Math.

Comments, corrections, etc. are quite welcome.

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