Re: OOA/D and Corba/IDL: A Common Base

Readers interested in CORBA/IDL and Larch may be interested
in a recent Master's thesis done under my supervision.
It gives a design of Larch/CORBA.

Gowri Sankar Sivaprasad.
Larch/CORBA: Specifying the Behavior of CORBA-IDL Interfaces.
Department of Computer Science, Iowa State University,
<A HREF="ftp://ftp.cs.iastate.edu/pub/techreports/TR95-27/TR.ps.Z">
TR #95-27a</A>, December 1995, revised December 1995.

This isn't a complete design, and it doesn't have any tool support.
But it does allow one to specify behavior, and does deal with
issues of non-atomic operations (following Lerner's thesis for that,
but with some extensions).

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