CFI Catalogue of algebraic specification languages on WWW

To the CFI Language Design mailing list:

The first version of the catalogue of existing algebraic specification
languages, previously made available only as DVI and Postscript files
on FTP, has now been converted to HTML and put on WWW, with strong
cross-referencing that is intended to facilitate comparative browsing.

To access it directly, open the URL:


You can also get to it from the table of contents on the CFI WWW home
page, clicking "Working Documents: Catalogue of Existing Frameworks"
and then "catalogue".

N.B. The WWW version uses an ISO-Latin-1 character set approximation
to mathematical symbols.  See the formatted versions (you can browse
them from WWW, at least on Unix) for the intended typography, in cases
where the chosen approximation is inadequate.

I'm waiting with implementing the proposed (minor) changes to the
classification structure and wording until after the forthcoming
meeting in Munich.  Please let me have any further suggestions for
improvements by the end of January.  Note that you can add these
directly yourself, using WWW, by clicking on "FEEDBACK" on the CFI
home page (let me know if there are any problems with this).

BTW, the HTML (generated from LaTeX sources using Hyperlatex-1.4)
includes <sub> and <sup> tags for subscripts and superscripts, but the
Netscape version I use (1.1N) doesn't seem to notice them.  Kindly let
me know of any (free, non-beta) browser that does render them properly.


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